Proof of property

Ownership verification and certification through blockchain

Through this process, we certify on the daily basis the total quantity of gold on all our customers’ balances, so that nobody, not even Auromoney, can change them after their entry in the Blockchain.


Download the daily file of all customers’ balances

The Daily Balances File contains all Auromoney accounts, which are further subdivided in many separated and pseudonymous accounts to protect our customers' privacy. Only the user knows their own corresponding pseudonym, and can verify the total balance.

Daily Balances FileDate: 19 April 2019


daily balances file hash string (digital fingerprint) 

The hash string of a file is the mathematical and univocal representation of the file itself and is obtained through the cryptographic process. Therefore  it is the digital fingerprint of that document. No other document can have the same hash string. The encryption algorithm uses: SHA256SUM.



Verify the mathematical correspondence between the daily balances file and the hash string

To verify the hash in the web site below (sha256sum), all you need to do is to enter the Daily Balances File Zip, downloaded at step 1, and its hash string that you can find above to verify that they indeed correspond. The suggested web site is not associated with Auromoney, but you can also verify the correspondence through any other website, or software with a similar function.


Blockchain transaction string, where we record the hash of the daily balances file

The Blockchain is a public register. It is decentralized, tamper-proof and immutable and it is mostly know for its central role in the management of virtual currency. However for the purpose of Auromoney, it also allows to register fingerprints of files or documents "certifying" their existence at a certain date. We are presently using the Bitcoin blockchain, but we reserve the possibility to change or to use more blockchains due to technical reasons, security and costs, or to avoid the dependence on one platform only.



FURTHER independent verification resources 

Below you will find several independent websites that allow you to track and trace  the transaction in the blockchain and to verify the date and status of the Daily Balances File.
Once you have found the transaction look for the string of our HASH  which should be in a position called either OP_RETURN, or 'message', or 'decoded'. To simplify the search for the "strings", we have added  a unique suffix to our hash : AuroM.

Thus, remember our hash string always begins with AuroM******.

To sum up, the existence of the hash string and the date of the transaction absolutely guarantee the existence, the immutability and the date of the Daily Balances File. The links below are listed for your convenience, however there are many more websites that enable  you to perform the same verification process,  in a totally independent way.


Any questions?

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